Microcopy Inspirations is a passion project designed and developed by Sridhar Rajendran.

I am a UX designer from Bangalore, India. As a designer I understand the importance of copy on websites and mobile apps. Words can engage, elevate or infuriate people depending on how they are used. We designers rely on design patterns to create the best possible interface for the users. There are several websites like Pttrns.com that curate the good examples of interfaces and act as source of inspirations. But not many options for copywriters. That led me to create this site.

The goal of this site is to serve as a source of inspiration for copywriters/UX writers. It's time designers and writers got together to create some kick-ass interfaces.

If you like to submit examples of good copy you have come across, check this link - Submit a inspiration.

You can check out more about me and my blog, check out my website - Sridhar.Design

The content on this site is free to use for everyone. There is no pay-wall or ads to ensure the site doesn't look spammy.